A bespoke, contemporary home that’s the result of years of practical and pioneering development. Open plan and functional, spacious and built to last, a Stijl House sets the standard for eco and passivehaus living.


  • Based on a proven high-spec Dutch steel framed architecture
  • The latest innovations in sustainable design and construction
  • State-of-the-art technologies and the very best of modern materials
  • Can be designed to bespoke specifications and needs
  • Manufactured off-site and fast construction times – low carbon footprint
  • Centralised utlities, heat pump, boiler, electrics, PV system etc.
  • Sets the benchmark for eco contemporary passivehaus living
  • Providing a better, healthier and more responsible living environment.
  • Available in any size from 180sq.m upwards of floor space
  • Carbon: we have considered all possible embodied carbon sources from materials, production, transport, installation process and end of life
  • Net zero: the houses don’t rely on the grid or external power. They generate all the energy needed on-site without the need for offsetting
  • Zero waste: all waste materials from production are re-used within production again. No waste on-site during assembly
  • Net energy positive: the homes are powered entirely generated from its PV solar panels
  • 100+ built to date including Europe and the UK
  • No loadbearing walls allowing individual and flexible layout treatments
  • Committed team of architects & planners available at all stages of construction and build
  • The houses are fitted with, air source heat pumps, all underfloor heating. MVHR system, grey water recycling, PV solar panels, battery storage, led lighting, smart technology, triple glazing, aluminium windows and doors, electric car charging point
  • Supply chain: every aspect of our supply chain is thoroughly audited to ensure that we are as sustainable as possible. This involves choosing sustainable materials, off-site manufacturing, fewer trade people on-site during assembly, full electric machines during assembly and no waste on site
  • End of life: all houses are fully recyclable. They can even be de-assembled and re-assembled for the most part to another site
  • Commercial opportunities: community centres, retail, practices etc.